UGT is Back!

Posted by Kyia on May 12th 2017

Hey Girl!

Yes, we're back! It's been a long time preparing for this return, but we're here and ready to emerge into the latest trends. we've been studying all the hottest styles and celebs to bring you a complete style service. We will be utilizing our blog feature. Our blog will be up to date with style and beauty tips, the latest news in pop culture and of course, customer appreciation posts.

So what can our every day girls expect from Uptown Girl Trends? 5 things! 

You can expect:

- The latest and hottest fashion trends

-Quality apparel

-Up to date blog posts

-Affordable prices

-Friendly, fashionable and professional services

Now, I know what you're thinking, "what's an every day girl?"

Let's chat about that!

An every day girl is a girl who is working and or going to school. A stylish, goal oriented, go-getter who has substance fierceness and class. An every day girl is not a runway model. Instead, she is the girl who turns her stroll through the office or campus into a fashion show. If you fit this description, then you belong here with us!

Welcome, girl!